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How to scrape websites with Python and BeautifulSoup


Captain Data is specialized in data extraction: scraping and crawling. We develop a SaaS architecture that allows any developer to deploy its scripts in the Cloud, with the click of a button. We automatically provision servers, proxies and databases. Our client are digital marketers and salesperson (you need to be nice to them, they don’t always get what is web data 🙂 ).

We’re based in Nantes (and Paris), France.

We’re looking for a backend web developer ASAP.

Your profile

  • Nutcracker: you’re not afraid to solve (hard) problems
  • Independent: your best friends are GitHub and StackOverflow (or Google if all hope is lost)
  • Hacker mindset: bypass a website’s security? Easy peasy
  • Responsible: your code is BEAUTIFUL and REUSABLE. You understand that your code has a direct impact upon our brand image and our product’s usage
  • Organized: even if it can be chaos on a daily basis, you know what a sprint is and you know how to use Git for your workflow
  • Curious: learning something new doesn’t scare you

God Mode

  • You have already done web scraping in Python/JS
  • You have already built a REST API in Python/JS
  • You know what’s an ETL pipeline
  • You have already used Docker (even Kubernetes <3 )

Development Missions

  • On-demand Python & JS scripts for our clients
  • Plug & Play scripts for our non-dev clients (remember, marketing/sales?)
  • Features on our internal API
  • Enhance & maintain the API used by our clients
  • Learn and become better every day 🙂


You join a team of three engineers specialized in software and data. You are looking for an adventure with a band of crazy developers? Welcome. If you want to learn and progress quickly, we already love you.

How to apply

Grab That data!

It'd be a shame not to use web data 🤖

Start extracting, automating and building processes & databases faster and get more done with web data.