Data On Demand

Turn web content into useful data for your business.

Data On Demand

Automated Data Extraction

Captain Data develops bots that automagically extract web data in any format on any website. 


Enrich your business database or find new leads to feed your CRM.


Monitor pricing, your competitors, check out the market in real-time.


Automate your market analysis by leveraging multiple marketplaces.

Small Ads

Build a verticalized data feed or perform quality checks.

Financial Data

Aggregate financial data from various sources and enrich it.


Enrich your CRM with social data, analyze blogs and web media.

How It Works

Web Sources Identification

We take the time to identify and qualify the websites that best match your needs.

Data Schema

Given the identified websites, we create a unique schema, if possible, gathering and unifying data.

Bot(s) Creation

Our specialists start developing the bots.

Access Your Data

Your data is available in real-time by using our API or downloading a CSV.

Grab That data!

It'd be a shame not to use web data 🤖

Start extracting, automating and building processes & databases faster and get more done with web data.