Data On Demand

We believe anyone should have easy access to web data.

Automate Anything

Nobody wants to manually collect data.

We’re maintaining a library of pre-made bots so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Turning web content into useful data for your business is as easy as pushing a button.


We call them recipes: with them, you can chain multiple bots together.

For example, you can fully automate a LinkedIn people search, then extract each profiles, associate companies and finally find the emails.

Schedule Anytime

Run your bots and workflows anytime.

Set once, forget it and wait for your results.

More ❤️

Amazing Support​

We respond in minutes, whether you’re a big fish or not.​

Automatic Retries

Automatically retry entire workflows or specific steps.

Execution History

You have access to detail logs and extracted data, step-by-step.


Use native integrations to push & pull inside the tools you use.


Completely automate your workflows with our API.

Dedicated IPs

Clean IPs so you never have to worry about getting banned.

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